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    Thursday, September 20, 2012
    Bridal Photoshoot In Taiwan (Behind The Scenes)


    Yes, that's the country hubby and I headed to get our bridal photoshoot done. We signed up photography package with one of the most well-known bridal shop there (that's what I heard from other locals there). I was just lucky to spot it and it was a fluke.

    There's no time to tour around.

    Just touched down at Taoyuan, Taiwan and we gotta head to the shop at Jhongli directly already. Everything there is so beautiful like a fairytale, I can just live there.

    That's Tina Lin, the PR who recruited us to sign the package back in Malaysia.

    The bridal shop there doesn't look like it at all. Looks more like a luxury restaurant. That's the most original bubble tea from Taiwan that Tina treated us as she promised.

    Different types of albums and frames displayed for selection.

    The fitting room. Yes, the signboard says that we are not allowed to take pictures but we did anyway.

    That's Becky helping me pick gowns.

    Gowns shortlisted by Becky based on her recommendations.

    Some of the gowns look really good when hung up but when I tried it on, it's an entirely different story. They don't compliment by skinny figure.

    For example this gown. It looks okay on the hanger but on me... it looks rather old-fashioned and makes my waist looks long but legs look short. Just doesn't feel right.

    (We took these pictures while Becky was away picking out more gowns for me to try =p)

    Trying on more gowns...

    More gowns on the rack.

    Obviously, hubby didn't manage to take pictures of me trying on ALL the gowns shortlisted because Becky was there!

    After picking out the gowns we talked with the photographer and stylist/MUA to discuss on our preferences. We had our dinner in that shop. Oh... tiring.

    The next day, comes the most tiring and challenging day... the photoshoot day!

    Still looking at other sample albums as my last minute preparation.

    Shop's front.

    Us with zero make-up and hair gel.

    Amber, the assistant stylist for the day helped crimp my hair for easy teasing.

    With tired eyes and no make-up on, I looked like a ghost bride -_-".

    Here comes my saviour, the MUA cum stylist... Ellen!

    The bride beside me has her hair rolled up like 'bao zhou po' HOHOHOHO!

    Hubby getting his make-up done. LOL, sounds so wrong.

    Tadaa! The end result! Love it!

    Heading out to our first outdoor location.

    Second location. Another fairytale dreamy sceneries.

    Ellen performing her magic again!

    We went to the shop to start the day very early in the morning, but it was already evening when we're done with ourdoor shootings. We still have indoors to do. Gosh...

    Some pretty good waves Ellen did on my hair.

    And she made me pose for pictures towards hubby's camera.

    And so, we wrapped up the shoot with the crew.

    Comes the following day, we went back to the shop to select pictures.

    Photographer Boss suggesting frames to pick.

    Posted at 09:16 am by mai_shiranui85

    Ami Mizuno
    September 20, 2012   11:36 AM PDT
    Hohohoho.... no wonder la.... you surely say.. ja neh.... (crying face) wuhuhuhu
    Usagi Tsukino
    September 20, 2012   11:27 AM PDT
    I found it online actually, nice one. But too expensive. About RM 700++ so I'll pass.
    Ami Mizuno
    September 20, 2012   11:16 AM PDT
    Oh well... too bad can't find the Serenity Princess Wedding Gown right? hahaha

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