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    Tuesday, July 03, 2012
    OPI I Lily Love You

    Bought a bottle of OPI I Lily Love You from the Nice Stems collection.

    It's a sheer clear pink tone with random shaped holograms!

    My new nails.

    Base colour is a single coat of Pedal Faster Suzi, and two coats of I Lily Love You. I feel that this picture didn't do the actual thing justice because the real thing definitely looks way more outstanding than this.

    I Lily Love You makes any base colour appear pinkier and it evens out on its own upon application. Dries very quickly too! Drying time is so much less. But you will have to put on at least double coatings of it in order to have more holograms on your nails. You will also have to apply a thicker layer of top coat compared to normal to smoothen the surface due to the presence of holograms or it wouldn't look and feel that smooth and professionally manicured on.

    Removal is a breeze. Of course, the colour goes off and the bigger chunks of holograms will still stay after just one round of removal, but it goes of very easily too within the second time you remove them while applying more light pressures. Definitely lasts longer and easier to remove than those from the OPI Burlesque collection.

    Monday, July 02, 2012
    Faux Fur Time

    Attended the 50th Anniversary of Family Planning Association with my hubby and parents, thanks to the invitation from my childhood friend Jae's parents. They're high profiled and well-known Datos in Seremban.

    And this was my outfit for the day.

    Qipao with faux fur shawl and clutch.

    The dress code for men is batik. Hubby doesn't have one, so he borrowed one from dad Tongue.

    Friday, June 29, 2012
    Our House Warming Party

    Finally held our house warming party on 19th May 2012, more than half a year after moving in. It was one day after hubby's birthday so mum and I planned to surprise him and make it house warming cum hubby's birthday party!

    Mum baked 2 cakes in conjunction with the events. One for the birthday boy and one for the house.

    The left one is chocolate and the right one is blueberry flavoured. Awesomey yummy! Thanks, mum!

    Catered food from a caterer my colleague introduced me to. I wanted something not too typical chinese style. Surprisingly, the setting is quite nice and we have spaghetti bolognese instead of the usual fried rice or fried meehoon. Desserts were mini fruit tarts and pastries, not just the usual fruit and agar-agar thing only.

    Even the cutleries tray is nicely decorated.

    Almost everyone who came complimented on the food. Drools!~

    Glad my colleagues and friends are having a good time.

    And also hubby's friends and colleagues.

    Even my family members are having a good time.

    Thereafter, it's the commencement of the cakes cutting ceremony!

    No pun intended, I didn't shrunk to become a little girl.

    Surprised hubby with a gift. It's actually a genuine leather wallet that costs me a bomb! He gave me a surprise kiss in return.

    I would like to thank everyone for coming, some friends came from far. Thanks for all the lovely gifts and thank you for making the party a success. I would like to specially thank Charm, a friend I got to know online for about 2 years but have never met. So that night was the very first time we met.

    Thursday, June 28, 2012
    Pixie Lott - Young Foolish Happy Tour

    Hubby and I got a pair of VIP tickets to the Pixie Lott showcase at KL Live. So here we are, getting prepared to go.

    Upon arriving, it was still early so we headed to Dirty Nelly's for dinner. The most expensive Coke I have ever had! RM 10 for a can. OMG!!! The portion of food there is huge though. This is what hubby ordered and even a guy couldn't finish it.

    Me and my meal which I finished most of it. Seems like my appetite was bigger than hubby's!

    Later on we managed to get media entrance passes, haha! So that means there's a couple of VIP tickets extra.

    It was still more than an hour before the show starts, so we posted on Facebook to see if there's anyone interested to take over the tickets. No response. What man, all so rich ka? Got free tickets also don't want.

    The stage, beautiful!

    The show started with Hitz.FM and Mix.FM DJs hosting the show and everyone from the media has been flocking at them for pictures.

    The talented DJs doing their thing on stage!

    Then we have Elecoldshot, winner of Battleground doing their dance routines on stage.

    And finally.... here comes Pixie Lott!!!

    To be honest with you, she does sound like Pixie but she looks nothing like Pixie at all -_-".

    Kiasu hubby quickly went in front of the stage to do his part as a 'media photographer' too!

    She doesn't look comfortable in that outfit at all. Throughout the performances you actually can see her tugging and pulling her skirt and her moves are so restricted!

    " What would my mama do... uh oh... uh oh... "

    Some of the lucky fans whose birthday falls on May, gets to go on stage with Pixie for cake cutting ceremony and Pixie sings a Happy Birthday song to them!

    Not fair! Hubby and my birthday falls on May too! How come we don't get invited on stage, haha!

    And the showcase wrapped up after a couple of songs more. You can watch part of the showcase performance and see Pixie touring around KL for food, tradition and fashion hunting on Astro Hitz channel.

    p/s : During the performance of Cry me Out, hubby appears on screen and you can see him snapping away like a real deal media photographer. Wow wow wow... getting to appear on national TV (although indirectly) is something to be proud of too.

    Monday, June 25, 2012
    MLTR Live at Setia Alam

    One rare morning when I had to go to work alone without my dad, I listened to Mix.FM while driving. Came across an advertisement about Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR) Live and it immediately caught my attention. I thought the tickets are on sale now but as the advertisement concluded it says " Get your FREE tickets now ". Whoah... for real? It's MLTR (big name) we're talking about and they are giving it out for free? It also says to log on to their website (SP Setia). It is a public listed company that's why I am very familiar with the name.

    Immediately after arriving my office I logged on to their website to check their T&C. Got their contact numbers listed down, called hubby as he's on his off days after shift work. He called to check for the tickets availability and T&C. Tickets are still available and no T&C. All you need to do is just go to their sales office to collect the tickets. Hubby rushed up to the sales office, and he managed to get 4 tickets! And even bought me Krispy Kreme on his way back. Tee hee... thanks!

    It's been a long time since I last went to concerts with my siblings, so the 2 extra tickets was given to my elder sister and brother. The day finally came (23rd June 2012), weather was good. We had a rushy rushy dinner but it was funny and laughable. Waited and waited... it was a great delay. The concert was supposed to start at 7pm but it was already 8.15pm. My.FM DJ Jack Chin started the show as a host, and DJ Lam Tak Wing interrupted as Ah Beng, followed by Mei Yan as Ah Lian and Wai Fun as Beng's mum. They were really entertaining and that slot wasn't for too long before MLTR started their gig. We were given seats and also a pair of free blow-up glowing sticks.

    Songs list are as follows :-

    - Renovate My Life
    - Sleeping Child
    - It's Only Love
    - Love Will Never Lie
    - Someday It's Gonna Make Sense
    - Heavy Is My Aliby
    - The Actor
    - Naked Like The Moon
    - I'm Gonna Be Around
    - Complicated Heart
    - Nothing To Lose
    - Shanghaied In Tokyo
    - How Many Hours
    - Take Me To Your Heart
    - Final Destination
    - Anyway You Want It
    - Breaking My Heart
    - Wild Women
    - 25 Minutes
    - Someday

    Encore :-

    - Paint My Love
    - That's Why (You Go Away)

    Yes, they played many songs and Jascha's voice is still strong throughout the show. MLTR's performance sounds just as powerful as in their CD recordings and they were performing completely live. My sister recorded some videos of the performance, encore and fireworks but they're uploaded in her Facebook so I will just link a video from Youtube of MLTR playing the song Take Me To Your Heart.


    Credits goes to Youtube user suki1124.

    Some photos of the event :-

    This is taken during the performance of Take Me To Your Heart.

    Taken after the show in the elevator.

    Photos are all taken by my sister.

    Overall, MLTR Live was superb! Enjoyed the event, the venue and the companions! Afterall it's free, what more can you ask for? Thank you SP Setia for your generosity and bringing MLTR concert to us with no cost to us, and at the same time allowing us to feel the ambience of your park.

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