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    Tuesday, December 20, 2011
    I'm More Than A Bird, I'm More Than A Plane

    I'm back into the blogosphere. No, I didn't abandon this blog for good. Was on a long hiatus. Had some growing up to do. Moved out of my parents' house, got married, even formed a band with people I don't actually know in person! Will update more on all the happenings causing the long hiatus in the near future.

    Today, I'll be writing about a song titled Superman by Five For Fighting. This song really brings back a lot of memories to me, which was long forsaken. The lyrics content of this song is really applicable to humans. We're more than a bird, more than a plane. But we're also heroes who have the right to bleed, afterall we're humans. We're only a man in a funny red sheet (You'll totally get the sentences if you study the lyrics).

    This song was regularly played on the radio during my secondary schooling to college days. Undeniably, in music aspect those were the best era. Most of the hit songs being played then is evergreen till now. Gaga-like tunes have changed the music scene drastically. Gone were the days of great music from genuine full bands like Matchbox 20, Third Eye Blind, Creed, Nickelback etc etc.

    I still remember the very first time I actually came to like this song was a few years ago when I was still a cheerful, happy-go-lucky youngster before the major bad experience in life took place that changed me forever. I was in the vehicle with an ex-boyfriend and a bunch of his buddies heading over to Times Square for some activities of theirs. I still remember that was also my golden youth era, the phase of life when I felt the happiest being who I was.

    We stopped at the traffic light, and this song played on the radio. I wasn't a fan of this song then, until my then boyfriend sang along with it. It instantly caught my attention. I myself isn't sure if it's the song or my then boyfriend's singing which caught my attention. I started paying attention to the unique lyrics and find it really meaningful. I went home, typed the sentences from the lyrics out to find out what's the title of the song. And there I got it, Superman by Five For Fighting.

    Days, months, years moved on... but this song still reminds me of the happy memories we all used to share. After breaking up with the said ex-boyfriend, I couldn't even get myself to listen to this song alone. Those were the past but are also the truth.

    Today, this song has been chosen by my band as one of the songs in our list for our first jamming. Hope we're all able to nail them all! If I have the chance to, I'd like to thank the one who introduced this song to me in such a special manner. So here you go for those who don't know this song or to those who wish to listen to this song after reading my post, Superman by Five For Fighting.


    Superman - Five For Fighting Mp3

    Wednesday, June 01, 2011
    OPI Burlesque Glitter Review

    Recently OPI launched a Burlesque series based on the movie of the same title starring Christina Aguilera and Cher. OPI Burlesque comes in two ranges, one is the OPI Burlesque Shimmer and another is OPI Burlesque Glitter.

    I got myself a bottle from the glitter range, OPI Show It and Glow It!

    I do not own this picture. Credits to

    Hubby got me another one as a surprise birthday present and God knows which colour it will be. I have no worries as the Burlesque series consists of all very beautiful colours.

    Here's my review of the lacquer atfter trying it out for the very first time.

    Pros :-

    1. It really brings out the showgirl in you with all the blings you need to own the show. Really beautiful glittery violet.

    2. Two coats is enough to give you the volume of glitter you need to fully cover your nails with blings. You normally only find these in nail art pens but now you are able to cover your nails fully with glitz.

    3. Despite its rich colour, it doesn't stain your nails if you apply a layer of base coat before applying this lacquer.

    4. It's quicker drying than other ordinary OPI lacquers since this is like plenty of glitter dusts in a bottle of clear nail polish. So the amount of polish is less while the glitters are rich.

    5. This is almost mistake proof. No matter how unevenly its application is, it still looks like you've applied it like a pro.

    6. After application, it makes your nails super hard due to its texture. Makes it even harder than when you applied any other ordinary nail polishes. Imagine adding a whole layer of glitter on top of your nails!

    Cons :-

    1. It is not long lasting at all. Ordinary OPI lacquers could last up to 2 weeks without flaws while this can only last me for a mere one week before it chips off here and there.

    2. The removal process can be a bit tough. It takes double the time required to remove the glitters off from your nails compared to your usual OPI nail lacquers.


    Earlier this week I DIY-ed a set of bridal nail extension tips with 3D flowers and rhinestones.

    This is my very first attempt doing such a thing from scratch and I'm quite impressed with my effort. I'm giving it to a bride-to-be friend.

    I got a pack of transparent nail extension tips from 2 dollar shop and painted + decorated the nail tips all by myself. It took me about 2 hours to complete the set.

    Here's pictures of them! <3


    Thursday, April 14, 2011
    My ROM (Part II)

    Here comes the second part on my ROM.

    We're officially married; husband and wife!!!

    A photo with everyone who was there to witness the memorable occassion.

    With my in-laws.

    With my family minus dad. Aww... dad. I wish you were there with us.

    With the BFF, miss Eva.

    Love you lots. Thank you for coming and being my 'ah sei' for the day.

    Somebody is so happy...

    Taking this picture is not easy. It was rainy and open air. So the plant at the back was wet, there were limited space for me to stand in. On the place I was standing was the drainage too!

    We then left Putrajaya, headed to IOI Mall for a luncheon.

    My naughty niece, Nicole.

    All said and done... everyone making a move.

    I love you, hubby. May our marriage last forever.

    Approaching our 1st year anniversary will be our wedding ceremony. Let's plan it well together and make it yet another memorable event in our life.

    Posted at 01:58 pm by mai_shiranui85
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    Tuesday, April 12, 2011
    My ROM (Part I)

    On 12/11/10... it was the day my husband and I registered our marriage at JPN, Putrajaya.

    I finally blog about this, please forgive me as I am having a very busy life.

    I did my own make-up and hairdo for the day, while the photos are shot by Givansa Studio and a friend, Shivan.

    Going up the escalator to the registration department. It was nerve wrecking!

    Waiting for the witnesses to come...

    Super excited and could not believe the day is finally here... (look at the auntie at the back!)

    L to R : My BFF Eva, mum, myself, hubby and my elder brother.

    Our wedding rings! Mine is custom made according to my 'dream'.

    The ring pillow which I DIY-ed. *proud*

    Everyone arrived, so we're gonna go and get our 'nombor giliran'.

    L to R : My eldest sis, elder bro and me.

    Everyone says we look alike.

    Hubby's family members.

    Hubby's sis admiring the hand bouquet I DIY-ed *even prouder*

    Making my way into the registration chamber. Nervous max!

    Hubby keeping the documents in place while I keep the rings in place.

    Time for the vows. I don't know why I frowned Sad.

    Hubby signing the marriage certificates.

    Me signing the certificates.

    Hubby's mum (witness) signing the certificates.

    Mum (witness) signing the certificates.

    The friendly and polite registrar. We were so lucky!

    Ring exchanging ceremony.

    Hubby : Hohoho... you're mine!
    Me : That's it? Zero market value from now on! *sweat*

    To be continued...

    Monday, March 14, 2011
    Copying Is OK

    Hold it!

    I'm not saying that copying in exams or other people's work is good. What I actually mean is following celebrities' styles; fashion wise. Be it hairstyle or the way they dress up.

    Think Jay Chou! Brad Pitt... Jennifer Aniston or even Megan Fox! Their styles are often followed by their fans and idols.

    I used to think that following the styles of your idols are for kids or 'lala' people if you know what I mean. Like, hey... don't you have your own style? That you need to copy from someone so badly?

    Well in a way yes but what I'm trying to highlight here today is this. Let's take a look at it from the 'commercial' way, I suppose?

    Agents of the celebrities spend a fortune hiring the best stylists to style the them up and we get to copy their styles free. Why not? Of course, their stylists opted for what is suitable for them and those styles might not be suitable for us.

    So do select from your options wisely...

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