Entry: Pixie Lott - Young Foolish Happy Tour Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hubby and I got a pair of VIP tickets to the Pixie Lott showcase at KL Live. So here we are, getting prepared to go.

Upon arriving, it was still early so we headed to Dirty Nelly's for dinner. The most expensive Coke I have ever had! RM 10 for a can. OMG!!! The portion of food there is huge though. This is what hubby ordered and even a guy couldn't finish it.

Me and my meal which I finished most of it. Seems like my appetite was bigger than hubby's!

Later on we managed to get media entrance passes, haha! So that means there's a couple of VIP tickets extra.

It was still more than an hour before the show starts, so we posted on Facebook to see if there's anyone interested to take over the tickets. No response. What man, all so rich ka? Got free tickets also don't want.

The stage, beautiful!

The show started with Hitz.FM and Mix.FM DJs hosting the show and everyone from the media has been flocking at them for pictures.

The talented DJs doing their thing on stage!

Then we have Elecoldshot, winner of Battleground doing their dance routines on stage.

And finally.... here comes Pixie Lott!!!

To be honest with you, she does sound like Pixie but she looks nothing like Pixie at all -_-".

Kiasu hubby quickly went in front of the stage to do his part as a 'media photographer' too!

She doesn't look comfortable in that outfit at all. Throughout the performances you actually can see her tugging and pulling her skirt and her moves are so restricted!

" What would my mama do... uh oh... uh oh... "

Some of the lucky fans whose birthday falls on May, gets to go on stage with Pixie for cake cutting ceremony and Pixie sings a Happy Birthday song to them!

Not fair! Hubby and my birthday falls on May too! How come we don't get invited on stage, haha!

And the showcase wrapped up after a couple of songs more. You can watch part of the showcase performance and see Pixie touring around KL for food, tradition and fashion hunting on Astro Hitz channel.

p/s : During the performance of Cry me Out, hubby appears on screen and you can see him snapping away like a real deal media photographer. Wow wow wow... getting to appear on national TV (although indirectly) is something to be proud of too.


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