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aO[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ » anna, it's located at Jusco, Seremban 2.
aO[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ » anna, it's located at Jusco, Seremban 2.
anna » Hi..Ive got a question, where is the greenbox karaoke located at seremban?
anna » Hi..Ive got a question, where is the greenbox karaoke located at seremban?
aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ » shivan, no la. Just blogging my opinion only.
aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ » Orange, thanks.
dr_shivan » Wah liow.. your blog become product advertisement liow kah?
Orange » step here
aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ »
Joanna » lol.. where got oo.. sincere ok.. lol..
aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ » Joanna, u teasing me la now?
aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ » James, thank you.
Joanna » wa.. damn xing fu hor u?? wanna get married to your dream man already. so your dreams will all soon come true!!! =))) so happy for you =)
James » Hello, nice blog!
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aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ » B, all lenses are pre-order
B » Hey babe, do you have any lens in hand with 0 power? Don't want to wait so long eh Let me know k..
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alip » nuff zzzz =)
aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ » lol, kellaw do things so efficient
kellaw » wei linked liao
aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ » the lesbian comic is telling the truth
aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ » God bless _|_Malaysia
DC » That lesbian comic is funny!
bBlogger » God bless Seremban!
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JunJun-Riko » wa.. nice blog u got here.. =)
knight84 » yike... hi hi
EV@yenniedoll » ok
EV@yenniedoll » wah... the picture... Hmm, dont know should use the picture from your blog or not for the lenses.
Licia » darling darling.. where r u @3@
TOLANIC » Hey, nice bikini photoshoot you got there. Look like a very sweet couple!
TOLANIC » Hello Angel the real Devil!!! You didnít go to Freedom? To suggest it is quite easy, but to develop it is quite complicated. Hehehe.
TOLANIC » As long u satisfied with your phone, should be more than enough already. Do you think this business can give a good profit in the future? Btw, what should I call you? Angel? =)
guaichaikid » romantic wan d photo although i know its really hot..haha..
TOLANIC » Ohh, u just bought HTC Diamond? How is it? Satisfied with the phone? Woah, 50-50, that is interesting. You give me the idea and concept. I develop it. Hehehe.
Raymond » nice pictures..=]
TOLANIC » Hello. Sorry for late reply. So how? U already decides which phone do u want? If u can invent a better phone than iphone & htc diamond, I believe u can be a millionaire. Iíll buy ur phone too!!!
TOLANIC » I prefer iPhone since got variety of applications with multi-task touch screen.
licia » darling! LOL.. thanks for the random comments when i'm feeling down.. i felt much happier after "hide and seek"-ing the comments LOL! <3
aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ » yeah... htf too much. gonna be bad...
EV » lol, what the hell.. she must be watching too much happy tree friends
aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ » yeah sure, why not?
stockname » CAN I LINK U
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adam » hahaha...kangaroo taste like beef...hahaha
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Hp » Thank for the compliment^^ ur header nice too!
Hp » hello^^ visiting from innit...nice blog here =)
aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ » tolanic, i went there for a casual trip with a bunch of friends. will blog about it someday when i'm less lazy.
aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ » kellaw, it's unusual ma. i'm thinking... if the fella is so drunk how can he still erect? » hey..thanks for visiting my blog too..u went to singapore for holiday? honeymoon? hehehe
kellaw » what so interesting about guy kena raped?
aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ » lol yeah. they're so kind to drop by, just like u » hello..dropping by at your blog..woah i saw few ppl from innit over here =)
aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ » cuz alwiz get to hear how a girl got raped feels like, but this time guy wor
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kellaw » doink
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EV@yenniedoll » LOL, i have 1 bracelets like the 2nd wan. -.- i envy u ler, so sweet ler ur bf.
aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ » haha, thanks eve
EV@yenniedoll » hahaha, nice post
aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ » i bet it's plain photoshopping that did the job? lol
iris ixora » hi sweety, can't get my eyes of it the photoshop doing the job hehe.. i bet it's got nothing to do with it
Maye » just pass by to say Cheer Up!
steph mcmahon » thanks daddy. u cheer up too.
vince mcmahon » cheer up girl...
aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ » got it
licia » darling.. i've changed the link of my blog to sorry for the inconveniences =)
dumb » testing
aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ » thanks for the compliment shivan. and darling, lol. *speechless* been here ages ago.
Licia » hor! i never noticed the song in ur blog before.. probably coz my connection back in KL is horrible.. =3
dr_shivan » Hie nice blog
UncleJosh » hey you~! faster update la.... boring la you...
UncleJosh » hey you~! faster update la.... boring la you...
alex » oops... really can send one wo... anyway thx n nice 2 meet u ^^
alex » testing.... hi ^^ nice 2 meet you
aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ » laziness took-over the creativity cells in me...